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Define your own style CONVOY customizing

The CONVOY family was originally developed as storage systems for the kitchen. It soon became clear that the application area was in fact far wider and more varied; a CONVOY is at home in living, dining and bedroom areas. At the same time, demand for even more optically and functionally customized designs was growing. On the following pages, it’s our pleasure to present the solutions we’ve developed as a result. We offer three levels of customization.

Level 1: Standard

Simply stylish


Even the basic CONVOY versions have all the outstanding, user-friendly characteristics of the product family. These include a clear view, easy action, a clear design language and an attractive choice of contemporary, high quality materials. Glass, brilliant chrome and other modern colours and finishes define the designs, which will integrates harmoniously into exclusive fitted kitchens.


CONVOY impresses as a high-quality product with a striking contemporary design. The choice of materials and colours available with the basic version will harmonize with almost any kitchen design.


On-trend colours and gleaming accents give the CONVOY a look of up-to-date elegance. The puristic design combined with the smooth, gliding action inspires new uses.



CONVOY Tuning Level 1 Detail CONVOY Tuning Level 1 Detail CONVOY Tuning Level 1 Detail

CONVOY Customizing Level 2

Practical examples of ALNO, Poggenpohl and pronorm…

Level 2: Customizing



A CONVOY becomes “my” CONVOY through individual choices of colours and materials for the edge banding, the sides, the support frame and the tray panels. All these options generate a wide range of possible combinations to creating highly individual storage units. We’ll be showing you some of the outcomes of selections which our customers have made in the following “Level 2” chapter.


CONVOY Tablar Level 2


An ALNO example:

Personal look with stunning


Level 2 Customizing offers an impressive choice of options for creating “your” own special CONVOY. By optimising standard components, fine tuning the colours and making a special selection of decors and materials, ALNO has created the “ALNO CONVOY” – it’s typical and distinctive. more…


A Poggenpohl example:


Poggenpohl chose a CONVOY design that is self-confident and eye-catching, but certainly not ostentatious: Poggenpohl has combined a grey bottom panel with a striking black edging. As a finishing touch, the company chose black glass for the side panels. more…


A pronorm example:

An absolutely consistent line


pronorm has chosen a design mix and followed it consistently across all the different cabinet types it offers. The combination of elegant grey, satin gold and clear glass guarantees a harmonious, joined-up look behind every front in a fitted kitchen. more…

CONVOY Customizing Level 3

Practical examples of cap. and Rockenhausen…

Level 3: Customizing

Versatility is top


For Level 3 Customizing, Kesseböhmer has developed a special tray, available in several colour and material variants. It’s the starting point for external suppliers to create custom functionality and style. And you will benefit! The external partners contribute ideas for CONVOY solutions that offer new functionality and innovative design.




Achtung Level 3


A cap. GmbH example:

Bespoke designs


Bar cabinet, coffee or tea centre or even a jewellery showcase – the design company cap.GmbH develops bespoke, high quality tray variants for specific applications. more…

A Rockenhausen example:

Contemporary designs with fine woods


Holzwerk Rockenhausen works with the traditional kitchen material wood; the company develops and manufactures high quality organisation systems for trays and pull-outs. They aim to achieve the perfect combination of form and function, design and material. more…


Kitchen Furnishings & Equipment of Kesseböhmer

Just as nature exhibits amazing efficiency among its elements, Kesseböhmer strives to achieve the perfect balance between form and function. And after 50 years, you can rest assured, they’ve figured it out. With clever storage that considers convenience for today’s multi-use kitchens as much as it considers capacity.

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